Black Writer’s Weekend Atlanta 8/5/23

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Writing Journey | 0 comments

My first author’s table at the Black Writer’s Weekend in Atlanta was a success! I met other authors and publishers, bought some books and made a sale! Well, I only had one error-free book, and I sold it based on the curiosity of a passerby. Now (8/23/23) I am armed with 25 corrected books and I will bring them to my launch brunch (Braunch?) on Saturday 9/2/23 at Paschal’s in Atlanta. “Time Conjurer” will launch on 8/30/23.

Also, I finished the final edits on the sequel, “Time Conjurer 2”, which I expect to launch in the Spring. So now, I move into promotion mode. Expect more images and some videos. Oh, I plan on conjuring up some fun as I do this. All I need is an empty picture frame, pictures (of course), aisles and a camera.

Author table BWW 8/5/23

My first sale!