A psychiatrist with a lifetime of premonitions

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Who is Kenny Lawson?

Dr. Kenny Lawson is a psychiatrist who is driven by compassion, but never lets it interfere with his professionalism. His empathy was born of prophetic dreams he began having in his youth. The visions had helped him warn family members of impending medical dangers.

One night he dreamt of a close relative’s death. He was too late to save her, but he learned that the messenger was another relative (Delilah) lost 64 years ago.

While searching for Delilah, Kenny has experiences that bring him closer to understanding his ancestors’ psychological pain and the limits of his own mental stability. See the excerpt below:

”The voice inside his head would not stop. Nothing he brought to his consciousness would overpower the voice. Not Janet, the twins, or even Nana. Was this what his patients experienced? Being stuck with a voice they could not ignore coming from a mind they could not control must be one definition of madness.”

Time Conjurer by Michael Arthur Kennedy. 2022.