Fiction mirrors life.
Life is like a jazz creation.
With joy, pain, insights, and indifference as its elements,
I get to translate what I behold,
and refresh my compositions with new dynamics as they reveal themselves.
I can even sample my own work for subsequent versions.
And the song will continue forever.
Do you see three sisters dancing with the setting moon?

Time Conjurer

A Time Travel Novel You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

What happens when you combine time travel with hoodoo and history?



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Kenny Lawson is a repressed psychiatrist in 2019 Philadelphia who has recurring dreams of a happy little girl. His latest dream, however, indicates the death of a family member. He learns that the girl reaching out to him is an aunt (Delilah) who disappeared in 1955. The aunt’s sister, his grandmother, teaches him a method of Hoodoo-based time travel so he can visit the past. When his grandmother is attacked by the woman responsible for Delilah’s disappearance, they must go back to 1955 Charleston.

Kenny and his grandmother navigate the Jim Crow South to prevent their evil visitor from finding her way to 2019 and to find Delilah, who is lost in a time labyrinth. Unfortunately, changing the past creates new terrors that ripple through time and jeopardize the reality of 2019. Kenny must embrace Hoodoo’s deeper traditions to save the people and the world he knows.

Reader Reviews

[The Time Conjurer] is good fun, intriguing, and entertaining.

Robby R.

Michael Kennedy’s Time Conjurer—stunningly imaginative and beautifully written—is compelling to the hilt. Intriguing characters, a convoluted plot, and the practice of Hoodooism will pull you through a bizarre form of time travel, interwoven with a stark look at the Jim Crow south. You can plan to read feverishly all the way to an unexpected and highly gratifying ending.

Darrel Walters, Professor Emeritus, Temple University

Time Conjurer is an amazingly engaging spiritual, emotional, historical, and psychological journey that grabs the reader and places them alongside the characters on their road to justice, redemption, discovery and growth.

Larry Briscoe

Meet the Author

Dr. Michael ARTHUR Kennedy

Medical Background

Michael earned a BA in Sociology from Harvard University in 1981. He completed his medical school training at The University of Illinois in Chicago in 1987. After an internship year at Cook County Hospital, he moved on to the Centers for Disease Control and completed Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) training and a Preventive Medicine residency. He then earned a Masters in Public Health from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. In 1993, he finished his training at Johns Hopkins with a fellowship in Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Kennedy has practiced Occupational Medicine in Delaware, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. He is board certified in Occupational Medicine.

Writing Journey

Michael has always loved a well told story that stretches his imagination. From “Their Eyes Were Watching God” to “Parable of the Sower”, and from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” to “Pan’s Labyrinth”, he marvels at human existence at the boundaries of possibility, and seeks to bring this magic into his own writing. He began writing poetry in the third grade and continued throughout college, medical school, and beyond. During his undergraduate and post-college years, he published student magazines.

Dr. Kennedy was inspired to write his debut time travel novel, “Time Conjurer”, after he became the family historian and amassed photographs and written histories dating back to 1815. These collections sparked genealogical trips to Barbados and Charleston. Wishing he could visit the people and places in the photographs, he conceived an idea of time travel through the surfaces of pictures. His first novel combines this concept with historical events in Charleston and Philadelphia.

Personal Life

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Michael lives in Delaware, but has maternal roots in South Carolina. Married, and with multiple cats, Michael practices Occupational Medicine in the Philadelphia area. He is a son, brother, husband, father, uncle, and grandfather who enjoys travel, good food, photography, African art, jazz and smiling faces. Born the same year “The Twilight Zone” premiered on television, he can’t foresee retiring. In 2022, he feels he is hitting his stride.


The Writer's Lounge

February 2024 | Author Interview

Join host Tom Riddell and co-host Teri Brown as they welcome author Michael Kennedy to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Michael discusses what it's like to be a writer and his book: Time Conjurer

Thomas Riddell

January 2024 | Book Review: Time Conjurer

“I liked the science fiction aspect of the tale, but the historical fiction segments appealed to me the most. Congrats to Michael Kennedy!”


January 2024 | Historical Fiction Must Read | Contributor: Vincent G.

“Kennedy’s writings are reminiscent of Octavia Butler’s best time travel adventure and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ magical realism; fast paced, tightly researched, with vivid scenes.”


August 2023 | Historical Fantasy Captures the Grim Realities of the Jim Crow South | Contributor: Katie Bloomer

Time Conjurer is perfect for fans of magical realism that touches on real-world issues. Kennedy constructs unique fantasy elements based on hoodoo practices, adding a distinctive cultural flair that adds to the story’s appeal. The main villain is one readers will love to hate, and her ending will surely slake their thirst for literary vengeance.”



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